Indians vs. Rockies, Will Cleveland Avoid Another Loss?

The Colorado Rockies were missing Alexi Amarista because of a paternity leave and Adam Ottavino because of a shoulder inflammation but they got away with an 11-3 win against the Cleveland Indians today.

Cleveland couldn’t match the weapons that the Rockies possess while their starting pitcher, Mike Clevinger, continued to cough up some runs for the opposition. He’s given up 4 homers over the course of his past two games and in this one, he’s given up 1 home run with 4 hits while the Rockies got 5 runs in the process.


Mike Clevinger, Photo Credit: MLB


Cleveland scrambles to get back on top

The Minnesota Twins are AL Central’s top team while they’re tied with the Indians with 29 wins but Cleveland’s side has 3 more losses. So, it would be prudent for them to win one against Colorado as they attempt to regain the lead.

The Indians’ Trevor Bauer could be starting in Clevinger’s place in their second match-up against the Rockies in the hopes of getting one on the road and get back to their winning ways. He might do a better job since he’s only allowed 3 runs in his last 5 starting games. Bauer currently has a 5-4 record with a 5.83 ERA, a 1.40 WHIP, 20 walks, and 73 strikeouts over 58.2 innings.


Trevor Bauer, Photo Credit: MLB


Unfortunately for him, he had some problems gripping the ball in his last game against the Kansas City Royals so the bullpen had to pick up the slack to get a win. But his start against the Oakland Athletics gave the Indians a 9-4 win on the back of his spectacular performance in 7 innings, 14 strikeouts and no home runs while giving up only 7 hits and 3 runs.

But even if Bauer has it in him to deliver another performance like that, Cleveland’s offense needs some work. In the course of three games, the Indians lost to the Royals, 12-5. Then they bounced back with an 8-0 win against the same team but in their recent game, they only had 7 hits with 3 runs against the Rockies’ 12 hits and 11 runs.

Michael Brantley and Francisco Lindor didn’t have any hits during the game while Lonnie Chisenhall was the only one with 2 hits on the plate. The Indians simply have to be more consistent on batting to get runs or they might not be able to chase the Twins.


Colorado moves to secure top spot

The LA Dodgers and the Arizona Diamonds are inching closer to the Rockies’ 37-23 record. Another win against the Indians would certainly help the Rockies’ case as the top team in the NL West.

The Rockies are projected to start rookie pitcher Kyle Freeland who’s been solid in his last game to pile up another win for Colorado. He’s only given up 6 hits and 2 runs with 1 home run while getting 3 strikeouts in 6 innings against the Seattle Mariners. He improved to a 6-3 record due to the win and the rookie looks like he’s hitting his stride with a 3.53 ERA, a 1.38 WHIP, 28 walks, and 39 strikeouts over 63.2 innings.


Kyle Freeland, Photo Credit: MLB


Meanwhile, Colorado is currently riding a 3-game winning streak after their triumph against the Indians but the biggest factor isn’t their pitching. The main reason for their success this season is their remarkable batting offense.

In their match against Cleveland, Carlos Gonzales had 4 runs on 2 hits with 2 walks while Mark Reynolds and Charlie Blackmon both chipped in with 2 hits and 2 runs each. Reynolds had the highest RBI of the bunch with 5 at the end of the game. They outgunned Cleveland as they blitzed Clevinger’s pitches to lead with 5 runs in just the third inning.

The Rockies are currently sitting in fourth place with 5.02 RBIs per game throughout this season and Cleveland is way down at 20th place with 4.21 RBIs per game. The Indians can’t match that much firepower especially since they’re not playing well to begin with. If Cleveland doesn’t step up, the Rockies might hand the Indians their second straight loss at Coors Field.


Photo Credit: MLB

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