Sox Win Despite Rain

Andrew Benintendi, Photo Credit: The Star


The Boston Red Sox beat the Minnesota Twins, 9-2, at Fenway Park despite frequent rain delays.

The game was met with unexpected lightning and heavy rain. It started to look like both teams were affected by the sudden change in weather as they went scoreless going to the 2nd. Red Sox’s Christian Vazquez gained the momentum when he hit a homer out of Hector Santiago’s sinker in the bottom of the 2nd.

Unfortunately, there was another rain delay after the 2nd inning ended but the visiting team continued to show great form when the game resumed. Sox’s Jackie Bradley hit a line drive to center fielder Bryon Buxton, resulting to a Dustin Pedroia run in the 3rd.  They gained 2 more runs from Mookie Betts’ sacrifice fly and Pedroia’s single in the 4th. Another one from Jackie Bradley’s field error in the bottom of the 5th and to top all of that, their last run was a homer by Chris Young in the 6th. The Twins simply had no counter for the Sox’s effective offense even if their rhythm got cut off by the delays.

The Red Sox are scheduled for their second match against the Twins at the same venue tomorrow. Sox’s starting pitcher Rick Porcello (4-9, 5.00 ERA) will be going up against Adalberto Mejia (2-3, 4.93).

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