Prediction: Can the Houston Astros Stay on Top?

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The Houston Astros have been on the top of their game with 50 wins to their name but keeping up the pace would be in their best interests to stay on top of the league.


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From left to right: Dallas Keuchel and Lance McCullens Jr., Photo Credit: Cloud Front



They’re currently ranked 3rd in pitching with an ERA of 3.84. Two of their remarkable pitchers are Dallas Keuchel (1.67 ERA, 0.872 WHIP) with a 9-2 record and Lance McCullers Jr. (2.53 ERA, 1.04 WHIP) with 97 strikeouts in 14 games. Unfortunately, Keuchel was sent out to the disabled list because of a pinched neck nerve and would likely be out for an extended period since McCullers and the Astros’ bullpen have been holding down the fort.


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From left to right: Jose Altuve and George Springer, Photo Credit: Climbing Tal’s Hill



In batting, they are led by Jose Altuve with a .327/.400/.527 stat line, .927 OPS with 11 homeruns. Another outstanding batter is George Springer with 85 hits and 24 homers in 74 games. They’re currently number 1 in the league for offense with 783 hits and 445 runs so far, this season.


The Toronto Blue Jays have a decent defense with a 4.26 ERA but their offense is way behind the other teams. So, they might not be much of a challenge for the streaking Astros.

However, they will be facing the New York Yankees who have been dominant throughout the season with their overpowered offense led by Aaron Judge. As for the Milwaukee Brewers, they have a standard defense with a 4.24 ERA and an offense with 688 hits and 380 runs. These teams would definitely give the Astros a tough start for July but if they continue their hot start, their next victims might have to stay out of their way.


Projected Wins: 7/9 for the Astros

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