July 14 Prediction: Can the Dodgers Keep the Marlins at Bay?

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Los Angeles Dodgers’ Brandon McCarthy (6-3, 3.12 ERA) would be going up against Miami Marlins’ Dan Straily (7-4, 3.31 ERA) at Marlins Park. The Dodgers have a six game winning streak while the Marlins have three straight wins. Both teams are doing pretty good this season, but only one will continue their hot streak.



Brandon McCarthy, Photo Credit: MLB

Dodger’s Brandon McCarthy won against the Miami Marlins last May 21st, only allowing three hits and one run while striking out five batters over six innings. Although he did not help his team win on his latest game against the Kansas City Royals, giving six hits, and two runs while he only had one strikeout over six innings.


Dan Straily, Photo Credit: MLB

On the other hand, Marlins’ Dan Straily faced the Dodgers on May 20th. He got the only win out of their four game matchup; giving up four hits, three runs, and one homer while he was responsible for eight strikeouts over five frames. His latest win was against the San Francisco Giants, allowing them to have four hits, one run, and one homer while he got three batters struck out over eight frames.


mia batters

Miami Marlins vs McCarthy, Photo Credit: MLB


Dee Gordon, Photo Credit: Youtube

Miami Marlins’ Dee “Flash Gordon” (.295/.342/.358, .701 OPS) has been facing McCarthy since 2012. Flash Gordon had one hit in three at bats against McCarthy this year. While he’s posting a .333/.333/.417 and a .750 OPS versus the Dodgers’ starting pitcher.

 LAD batters

Los Angeles Dodgers vs Straily, Photo Credit: MLB


Yasmani Grandal, Photo Credit: Dodgersnation.com

Dodger’s Yasmani Grandal (.267/.319/.469, .788 OPS) might pose a problem against Straily. He had one hit and one RBI in three at bats against the Marlins’ starting pitcher. He got one hit, one double, over three at bats against the Kansas City Royals.


Both of the teams’ starting pitchers are doing well for the season but the Dodgers have had an easier time against Straily. The Marlins’ pitcher has given up three homers in his career against the opposing team. While the Marlins are having a hard time hitting and scoring against McCarthy.

Projected Winner:

Los Angeles Dodgers

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