July 17: Can the Indians Smoke Out a Victory from the Giants?

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The Cleveland Indians are so close to getting their 50th win. Can they slay the San Francisco Giants to get one step closer to the 50-win mark?

The Indians slated Josh Tomlin (5.90 ERA, 1.42 WHIP) to go up against Giants’ Matt Moore (6.04 ERA, 1.69 WHIP) in their next match at AT&T Park.




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Indians’ Tomlin won his last match; he gave up four hits, two runs and six strikeouts in over seven innings against the San Diego Padres. Despite holding a 5-9 record, the Little Cowboy struck out a total of 70 batters before the All-Star break.






Matt Moore, Photo Credit: Espn Dn

While Giants’ Moore gave up 12 hits, five runs and a dinger against the Miami Marlins in his last match. However, his first match of the month ended with only one run and five strikeouts against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Despite his inconsistent performance, Moore contributed 82 strikeouts in the first half of the season.



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Giants’ best batter, Brandon Belt, has a respectable .244/.352/.470 line and a .821 OPS; he has 13 hits, nine runs and a homer in his last 10 games. The Baby Giraffe has been performing in a consistent pace with 52 runs and 16 homeruns so far.




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Among the Indians’ batters, Edwin Encarnacion has had the most success against Giants’ Moore; he has a good .333/.538/.556 line and a 1.094 OPS against’ the Giants’ starting pitcher. Despite having an average stat line (.257/.368/.476), Encarnacion has contributed 57 runs and 19 dingers for his team so far.


The Indians are one step ahead of the Giants in terms of offense (427 runs vs Giants’ 328 runs). As for the teams’ defense, the Little Cowboy has won more games compared to Giants’ Moore. It’s hard to count on Moore’s inconsistent performance so, the last thing the Giants might see in this match is an Indians victory.

Projected Winner: The Indians

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