July 21 Prediction: Can the Rangers Snag a Win vs the Rays?

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Will Texas Rangers’ Yu Darvish (6-8, 3.45 ERA) have a win against Tampa Bay Ray’s Alex Cobb (8-6, 3.59 ERA) at the Tropicana Field this July 22?



Yu Darvish, Photo Credit: MLB

The Japanese pitcher started 20 games for the Rangers and he tops his team in wins (6), ERA (3.45), and strikeouts (131) this season. Darvish was a pain on the Rays’ batters last year, striking out 12 batters, while only allowing three hits and one run in over six innings.


Alex Cobb, Photo Credit: MLB

Meanwhile Cobb has 19 starts for the Rays, winning eight while losing six. He has the highest wins (8) and ERA (3.59) this season for his team. Cobb started 19 games for the Rays this season, giving up 119 hits, 54 runs and 13 homers in over 123 frames.


TB v Darvish

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Corey Dickerson, Photo Credit: TampaBay.com

Rays’ Corey Dickerson (.310/ .350/ .535, .886 OPS) had a hit from Darvish last year, in over three at bats while getting struck out once. He is currently Tampa Bay’s best batter and has the best batting average among his colleagues. However, he hasn’t gotten a score in his last three games; he only got one hit, then he got struck out five times in over 12 at bats.

TEX v Cobb 2

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Elvis Andrus, Photo Credit: MLB

On the other side, Rangers’ Elvis Andrus (.282/ .325/ .442, .767 OPS) is the Ranger’s best batter. This season, he has 104 hits, 54 runs, 11 homers, and 20 stolen bases, while only getting struck out 63 times in over 360 at bats.


Both team’s best pitchers will go head to head on this one, but Alex Cobb seems to be the better pitcher. On the batting side, Dickerson might continue to perform well against Darvish and his teammates are getting consistent hits and runs. While Andrus and his colleagues are not hitting much and they’re failing to get scores.

Projected Winner

Tampa Bay Rays

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