July 26 Prediction: Can the Pirates Raise Their Flag at San Francisco?

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Pittsburgh Pirates’ Trevor Williams (4-4, 3.74 ERA) will face San Francisco Giants’ Jeff Samardzijia (4-11, 5.05 ERA) at AT&T Park. Will the Pirates win on this rematch, or will the Giants remain tall?



Trevor Williams, Photo Credit: MLB

Pirates’ Williams recently got a win from the Colorado Rockies last July 21, allowing seven hits, five runs and a homer while striking out four batters in over 6.2 innings. Last July 2, he faced the Giants, giving up three hits and two runs but got three batters struck out in over six frames. He also has a 4.50 ERA this month.

Jeff Samardzija, Photo Credit: MLB

Meanwhile Giants’ Samardzija tops the record for most strikeouts (138) this season for San Francisco. He is also posting a 6.94 earned run average for this month. Samardzijia won against the Pirates last July 2, striking out five batters but gave up six hits, two runs and a homer in over six innings.


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Andrew McCutchen, Photo Credit: MLB

The Bucs’ best batter, Andrew McCutchen remains on the top of his team, having the highest batting average .289, 61 RBI and .379 OBP while having .886 OPS this season. He is also posting a .405/ .488/ .595, and 1.083 OPS against the Giants’ starting pitcher. For July, he currently has 23 hits, 16 runs and four homers however he got struck out 14 times in over 74 at bats.

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Buster Posey, Photo Credit: McCovey Chronicles

On the other hand, Giant’s Buster Posey holds the record for the most hits (103), batting average (.326), and OBP (.407) for the Giants this season. In his last series against the Pirates from Jun 30 to July 2, he got three hits and two runs but got struck out three times in over 13 at bats.


The Pirates had their bats tested against Samardzija and they got a decent amount of hits, while the Giants’ batters will become fresh meat for Williams since they have new batters set for Williams and some returning individuals with low batting averages against him.


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