July 27 Prediction: Can Ramirez Outplay Bauer?

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Los Angeles Angels’ JC Ramirez (9-8, 4.38 ERA) goes face to face with Cleveland Indians’ Trevor Bauer (8-8, 5.58 ERA) at the Progressive Field. Can the Indians defend their own turf, or will the Angels conquer?


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Ramirez leads the Angels’ pitchers this season with the most wins, ERA, and strikeouts (92). He is also more effective on away games (7-3, 3.60 ERA) than defending his home (2-5, 5.10 ERA). Plus, he struck out six batters but allowed five hits and three runs in over six innings last July 22 against the Boston Red Sox.

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On the other hand, Indians’ Trevor Bauer has started 19 games this season, striking out a total of 111 batters but failing to prevent 106 hits, 61 runs and 14 homers in over 98.1 frames. However, he won his last game against the Toronto Blue Jays last July 21, giving up six hits and three runs but getting six batters struck out.


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Mike Trout, Photo Credit: MLB

Moving on with the batters, Mike Trout (.333/ .454/ .711, 1.166 OPS) holds the record for the most homers (19) this season in the Angels’ lineup. He is posting a .429/ .636/ .429 stat line and a 1.065 OPS against Bauer. In his last series against the Boston Red Sox, he was able to connect on two hits with one being a homer for two runs. However, he got struck out three times in over 10 at bats.

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Jose Ramirez, Photo Credit: Elsa/Getty Images

Meanwhile, Jose Ramirez is the best batter for the Indians this season, with the record for most hits (120), batting average (.319), and OBP (.378) out of their lineup. Jose Ramirez is also posting a .333/ .333/ .667, and a 1.000 OPS against JC Ramirez. In his last series against the Toronto Blue Jays, he got four hits and two runs without getting struck out in over 11 at bats.


JC Ramirez would face five new Cleveland batters and some other returning individuals but most of them have a low batting average against him. Meanwhile, most of the Angels’ batters have a good batting average against Bauer and there are only three individuals that are new to him. Plus, Trout might not have a hard time getting a hit against the Indians’ righty.

Projected Winner

Los Angeles Angels

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