July 29 Prediction: Rays vs Yankees, Rookies Race for Their First Win

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The New York Yankees will host a match against the Tampa Bay Rays at Yankees Stadium.  The Yankees have chosen Caleb Smith (0-1, 8.10 ERA, 1.65 WHIP) to start against Rays’ Blake Snell (0-6, 4.86 ERA, 1.56 WHIP). Both pitchers are rookies who haven’t experienced bringing a win for their teams yet.



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Caleb Smith, NY Daily News

Smith joined the MLB as an addition to the Yankees’ bullpen this month. Despite only having two games, he conceded four runs and a walk against the Seattle Mariners and ended the game with a no decision in his last match. The southpaw gave up a total of six runs and two walks while striking out seven batters in over six frames.


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Blake Snell, Photo Credit: Cloud Front

While Snell hasn’t been performing well; he’s had 12 starts this season, losing half of those games whereas half of them ended with no decisions. He allowed three runs, a homer and a walk against the Baltimore Orioles in his last game. Despite not winning a single match yet, he performs better with a 4.72 ERA on the road.



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Among the Yankees’ batting lineup, Chase Headley has had the most success against Snell. He holds three hits and a run with an outstanding .300/.300/.300 line and a .600 OPS against the southpaw. Another one of the Yankees’ batters who did well against Snell is Gary Sanchez; he was able to hit a homerun in just three at-bats in his last match against the lefty.


rays batters

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While the Rays’ offense is led by Corey Dickerson who currently has the highest batting average (.301 AVG) in their team. Despite being able to hit a lot of pitches, Dickerson hasn’t been getting as many runs recently. Another potential threat from their lineup is Steven Souza Jr.; he has the highest OBP (.370 OBP) among the Rays’ batters. Plus, he has contributed the most RBI for his team.


The Yankees slated their newest member from their bullpen to go up against an unfamiliar batting lineup. If Smith can whiffout the Rays’ batting lineup then he might just give the Yankees a decent start. However, it’s hard to count on that because this is Smith’s first time against the Rays. On the other hand, Snell has faced most of the batters in the Yankees’ offensive lineup despite having minimal success. If the Rays can avoid committing errors then Snell might be able to get his first win.

Projected Winner: Tampa Bay Rays

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