[Basketball Toto] W match 33 times, “KDB Life overwhelmingly dominates KB Stars”

Domestic basketball fans predicted the dominance of KDB Life in the KB Women’s Basketball Show (WKBL) KB Stars – KDB Life in 2017-18 season at Cheongju Gymnasium on February 8th.

KTTO (Representative Son Joon-chul), a trustee of Sports Toto, will participate in the domestic women’s professional basketball (WKBL) KB Stars (home) and KDB Life (home) in Cheongju Gymnasium at 7 pm A total of 68.12% of the participants said they voted for the final victory of KDB Life. 18.39% predicted the winner within 10 points, and only 13.48% predicted the victory of home team KB Stars.

KDB’s life expectancy is also expected to be in the first half. KDB Life’s lead was the highest at 69.00%, followed by home-run KB Stars lead (15.64%) and within five percentage points (15.36%). In the final, KDB Life expects the home team KB Stars to score 50 points and KDB Life to 70 points.

KT Toto said, “This time around, KDB’s expected victories are estimated to be surprisingly weak,” said Tottori fans, as expected, KDB Life can overcome the battles and win the KB Stars, “We are focusing our attention on the results.”

Meanwhile, the 33rd round of the Toto W match will be released at 6:50 pm on Thursday, August 10, 10 minutes before the game, and the hit results will be officially announced after the game is over.

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